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School Links - Educational Links of Interest

Middle Schools (6-8)

Arts, Music, Foreign Language

Metropolitan Museum of Art
This portion of the Museum's Web site has activities and art images selected for children. The site includes answers to questions frequently asked by children. The education section of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Web site has been created especially for children.


What's It Like Where You Live?
This Web site explains biomes and provides information on the different types. This is a project created by students investigating animals and plants around the world. This is an interesting starting point for geography lessons.

Geography Place
Geography Place is a fun site that uses interactive maps, games, and quizzes to teach about world geography. This is a great site to let students work in independently or in pairs.

Virtual Field Trips Guide
This Web site is just like taking a field trip with your class, without a lot of the hassle. Users can select from a number of different topics and follow the links to get a guided tour of the Internet. The resources here are free and well-prepared. They offer a fun way to introduce the Internet to a classroom.


Custer Battlefield
GRADE LEVEL: 6-8, 9-12
The Web site focuses on the Custer Battlefield, the Battle of Little Big Horn, and the Plains Indian Wars. The information here is detailed and limited to a very specific topic. It would be especially useful to students doing research for reports, or for a short, interactive lesson on the subject matter.

History Net
The Web site has an archive of past articles from the magazines published by Cowles as well as a daily quiz and information on what happened in history on this date. The main feature of the HistoryNet is the archive, which has over 300 articles from past issues of history magazines. This is a great resource for history teachers. It could also supplement current events and social studies classes.

Mr. Donn's Ancient History Page
A Web site for lesson plans, timelines, maps, and other resources about ancient civilizations and history. The site covers the civilizations of Ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, Rome, China, and others. This is a great place for history teachers and students to find an extensive amount of useful information.


Metrics Matter
GRADE LEVEL: 3-5, 6-8
Users will find information on the metric system and its units. In addition, viewers will learn about measuring length, volume, mass, and temperature. Users will learn about the metric system in relation to other methods of measuring. This is a simple, good introduction to the metric system.

Look Who's Footing The Bill
Look Who's Footing The Bill is an introduction to the national debt. It guides students through the process of developing a group project on the problems the U.S. economy must face in relationship to the national debt, and its long term effects on society.

The central theme of this site is "using the science and language of patterns to explore the weather." Educators will find classroom activities for middle school mathematics. The module includes sixteen activities. The information at the site can be used for an interactive mathematics lesson or offline as several math activities.

Bad Astronomy
Users can find examples of misinterpretations and wrong statements of astronomical facts. The author points out scientific errors presented in films, television shows, print media, and news. The Bad Astronomy list describes some particularly silly misconceptions. This is a good site for science teachers to use as an introduction to astronomy or as a complementary activity in astronomy or space science lessons.

Reading and Writing

School Zone
School Zone is an educational resource for students, teachers, and parents. The site promotes the use of newspapers and the Internet in the classroom, and includes curricula, projects, creative writing, and links to other educational sites.

The Write Site
The Web site is an interactive language arts and journalism project for middle school students and teachers. The Write Site allows users to "become" journalists. Viewers gather facts and write stories using the same techniques that professional journalists use. This is an interesting twist to traditional journalism teaching. Language arts and English classes will benefit from the site as well.

Users will find brain games, puzzles, and activities for math, language, and philosophy. Some games require Java-capable browsers. Many games and puzzles can be downloaded for use offline or in classrooms.

Dan's Wild, Wild Weather Page
GRADE LEVEL: 1-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-10
Users will find weather-related resources, classroom units, and activities. The Wild, Wild Weather Page was created by the chief meteorologist at an Alabama television station. The site will make learning about the weather an enjoyable experience for teachers and students.

The Great Plant Escape
The Great Plant Escape is an upper elementary program for teaching about plant science. The site includes an accompanying teacher's guide. The Great Plant Escape is an elementary program to teach 4th and 5th grade students plant science. The mystery concept will keep students interested, while at the same time introducing them to the science of plants.

Marine Institute
The K12 Topics section is part of the Web site for the Fisheries and Marine Institute of Memorial University of Newfoundland. Users can find information about the Institute as well as information on over 24 marine-related educational topics. Teachers and students of almost every discipline will find information here to use in the classroom, for reports or for general research.

Study Assistance

World Kids Network
World Kids Network is an awesome site run mostly by kids for kids. It includes chat rooms, clubs, mailing lists, news, an art gallery, an area for girls, a chat forum, games, puzzles, and a school service. The site also teaches kids about Internet etiquette and safety. World Kids Network (WKN) is over 80% kid generated!

A homework help and study guide site for middle and high school students. The site has tutorials for more than 1,500 subject topics. Parents and students looking for extra help with school will appreciate all the site has to offer.

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